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It’s so discernibly comprehensible that we all are some or in contrariety dependent on technologies!
Aren’t we? And what is better than having technology which can make the so-called”hard work’ easy? In this highly pandemic destroyed scenarios, we connected with those family members, with whom we don’t talk much, and let me ask you all, how did we do that? OUR PHONES!

It’s quite normal to have smartphones now, it can be possible for a human to forget his wallets but his phone turned out to be that kind of a gem he wouldn’t at all forget.
There are more and more I would say thousands of things that are going to evolve in the lineage to come.

And this is more than great I must say, and not only that, the technologies that are about to come includes the one that would make our life so easy,and yet is the easiest to use. However, I would like to mark or highlight a phrase

written by Stephane Napo” and that is:-“Our future world will leave to find equilibrium in the technology pendulum swing”.

And such is the craze!! He meant that there will be a day when everyone would leave to develop or to evolve new technologies, it is indeed true!I have listed up the

top-5 upcoming transmuting future technologies, that would lead the in-craze of yours,burst out in a way or another.And I must mention that they do have their importance and craze to a greatest extent! The first and the most in-trend technology that is going to go so beneficial is:-

1.” Google-glass or smart glass”

We already have seen the kind of craze that smartwatches are having and the craze google glass will have would be much and much more than that, indeed! This is the small,light-in weight wearable computer glass that’s apparently grabbing so interest!

It works on voice commands, you can activate the right application for you at a time!

It’s so good and fantastic to only hear that, now you guys think how amazing would it be to use! Not only that, but it will also provide training videos and annotated with instructions.
However, they have been constantly working on the same, to bring it in a low budget human version!

The second and the craziest thing is:-


The picture that you apparently saw surprised me too!A wearable electric lense!!!How cool would it turn out to be if a simple contact lens that would not only help you with your weakened eyes sights but also would allow you to do all the work like that a cell phone does! Indeed wow!The smart contact lens that reaches the market is likely to contain micro-visions of the following technologies:-


Not just that, but the smart contact lens application may be able to treat the common eye condition better than any conventional eyes ever has. The image below shows how the contact lens doesn’t just stop at sharpening vision but also with many numbers of medical conditions.


A fully automatic house that would work for you just as how you like. You can connect any corner of the house with your phone that you want you can set up your oven to preheat just when you are stung in your office so that when you reach your house, you can just without any wastage of time have food in less time!

4.”Virtual-reality gaming”:-

Gaming now has become a part of habits for every teenager. So the nerds out there, the technologies got a piece of the special news for you all! The virtual reality gaming would take you to your own gaming world of you’re playing games.

Samsung is reportedly working on its own as well as theirs no longer when you can take your headset anywhere and watch the play or view anything! It’s already almost there! Many gaming fans already would have their headsets, that play video games.We all know how crazy the teenagers and now even the adults are for gamings. And a better,well modernity headset would make the gaming world go crazy about it! The craze and the excitement regarding it have been seen in many of the youth!! And thus they’re soon gonna be available for us in the markets. So congratulations on that!Well,moving forward we got the next:-

5.”Brain-Computer interfaces”:-

This technology isn’t yet refined as it could be, but it still on it’s working mode. The technology is as interesting as the picture included! Just think about a thing and you’re going to see the same thing on the screen of the computer! Wow!!!
I would say it again, that there’s no longer time remaining that it, to soon be implemented.

And here I would just end up by a superb phrase quoted by “SUKANT RATNAKAR”

Sukant Ratnakar.

Technology have always helped us out! There are millions of more technologies that are going to be implemented in the upcoming generations to come!

And it won’t be a lie if i would say that it’s just a start to a new phase of living. There are more and more to come.
A technology led to a creation of 10 more new technologies. Just take up your calculator and calculate how many are going to be implemented! Cheer up to the creation always!

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