What is Facebook and Tricks to earn money from Facebook

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Today we all going to know about facebook.I hope you all know about facebook ,if no then let’s know about facebook 

Facebook is a social networking site in which we can connect to our friends, relatives, and others. We can also get information about them. 

It is a medium to share our photos, thoughts, videos and information to our friends or relatives. We can also share the important link, PDF, news and our creations.as if you are a story writer or poet then you can share your story and poems on Facebook. 

What is the importance of facebook in our life??? 

*It helps to connect with our friends relatives or any other familiar person. *We can get information about them. *We can also connect to them, who are in our favorite fields and get information.*we can also chat with the our relatives and other by facebook in free. *facebook video calling. *facebook messenger chat. *facebook group*facebook chats *help to get any information. *for entertainment. *we can also advertise ant person, things, idea and thoughts. *to advertise your business.*for online advertising. 

How to earn money from Facebook…..? 

Social sites are really best for earning money. We can earn money by social site if we have knowledge about it. 


*Firstly you have to think that in which topic do you have more knowledge on?Then you can write best in that niche. So firstly decide your niche. 

*If you continuously publish content then visitors believe in you and after that you can attract more and more viewers. 


If we are talking about marketing the relationship is very important because when your page will very popular then it is best for you.  Because for publishing ads in your page many activities will pay you a good amount. With it, you can also make good relationships with advities which is called a sponsored post. You can also publish other brands on your page. 


As your fan base is continue to grow the ways of income will also open for you as affiliated marketing. 


You can also make money by using “make an offer “on Facebook. For selling products you can also give products link in your link box and get a commission. 

If you want then you can make money with Facebook or your own. After developing ads you can publish banners or ads of other companies and earn money. 

If you already have a good fan following then you can also sell your account and earn money. (But if you have no need or time to manage your account. )

Create a group and try to add 10,000 members in your group and be active always with keeping busy your group members by posting some relevant questions, blog posts, images, and polls. 
I hope you all can understand about facebook and it’s benefits .