Top 5 Android Games In 2020

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hello everyone. Today we are going to tell you about top 5 android games. I hope you all are interested in games. so today’s topic  is games

1-PUB-G – It is very interesting game and everyone likes it very much. Pub-g is a free game so you don’t have to pay money to download it. It increases it’s user base because it is present on all platforms. It is an internet-based action game. As it is an action game. It provides thriller to its users. All people can play this game as children, youth and old also. People like this game very much and they forget all the things while they playing it. You can play it on a smartphone and computers online. It is a multi-player game. 
It is an online game,, it means you need an internet connection. For an internet connection, you need data on your mobile. You need an Android phone in 5.1.1 or above 5.1.1 version. And for playing this game you need at least 2 GB on your mobile. 

It has rich detail, realistic gameplay effects, and a massive HD map for a battle royale. 
It has also high-quality audio, impressive 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel surround sound game. It has also all the realistic weapons. 

2.TEMPLE RUN- It is a game in which your player run from temple to his aim. It is very popular game everywhere. It has a new features and power application which helps users to fight with all the problems. 
It is an interesting game. It has a good graphics where you slip,run and jump.
It is a Mobile device 3D game. You can play it on Android. It was released in 2011 in Imangi Studio company. It is also popular in India very much. You can download it from play store. 

In this game your player will start running from temple to his goal. 
To play this game, you have to turn your mobile at right, left, up and down your mobile for playing. 

 3.CALL OF DUTY– It has a beta version which is very good. It is a free to play the game,in which you get packs maps, modes, and weapons. It is a 1.1 GB sized game.
Users can log in with their Google or FB account. 

In this starting you will introduce with the game rules. 
It is a best competitor game for pub-g. It is available for Android and iPhone users. 
This game is also available for IOS device  .It has high definition graphic sound and game play. 
It has fast paced action, guns of different calibers, unique heroes and a lot of rewards this is also a good game. 

4.FREE FIRE – You can download it on the play store. You can log in by your google or FB account. It is for IOS application and android apps also. 
It is developed by 111 dots studio. It has more than 50 players who Jump with a parachute in search of weapons to kill other players. 
It has three maps… Bermuda, Purgatory, and third is kalahari.On these places, players have to land and kill the players.

 5. SUBWAY SURF – This is an endless running game. It is available on windows, android, kindle, and android phones.

You can get jet pack,  super shoes ,magnetic coins 2 and 3 multiplier  and super jump. It has more players as Alex BrodyCormainCoco Eddy Addition Jack 
From magnetic coin  you can get all the coins near you. From multiplier increase your speed. From super jump you can jump very high at a time. 

If you are a game lover and interested in games then you can try to play  these games .

Thank you