What is computer and laptop? And What is the difference between computer and laptop?

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Hello everyone I hope you all are good 
Today I tell you that what is computer and laptop? And what is the difference between computer and laptop? 
Let’s start the topic. ..

Firstly I want to tell you about what is a computer and laptop? You all know that computers and laptops are very important in our lives and in this modern age.So it is necessary that we know about them. 
A computer is a machine that can be programmed to work with informations. 
The actual machinery is called hardware. The instructions and data installed are called software. 
Friends as you all know that computer needs hardware and software both to work. 
If we going on its full form then it is… 
M… Machine 
P….. Particularly 
U….. Used for T…..
Technical E…..
R….. Research 

As I told, it needs some hardware components… 
 1.CPU (central processing unit) It is the brain of the computer. It tells the computer what to do. 
2.MEMORY It is used to store data in the computer. It works as primary memory. 
3.MASS STORAGE DEVICE It includes a disk drive and tape drive. It helps a computer to keep a large amount of data and programs. 
4.INPUT DEVICES A keyboard and mouse with the help of input devices. We enter data on the computer. 
5.OUTPUT DEVICES A display screen, printer, or any other device that let you know the computer processing results. 
There are many types of computers classified by size and power. Personal computer Workstation Mini computer mainframe computer Supercomputer 
LAPTOP It is the second form of computer which is very popular in this modern age. But in laptop CPU, monitor, mouse, and keyboard don’t splinter like a splash. 
On laptop, these four things are in a combined form which called a laptop. 
It is easier than a computer. And in this modern age, it is very very popular, because everyone can carry it everywhere. 


Friends now I am going to tell you about the difference between a computer and a laptops. 
*Computer needs electricity to run but the laptop needs no electricity. You have to charge it once then you can work on it for many hours without electricity. 
*personal computer is cheaper than a laptop. 
*Laptop occupies less space but computers takes a big space because in computer hardware are also necessary and these are in their own .these are not combined with a computer like a laptop. 
*you can carry your laptop with you anywhere it means in travel, at the office, school, or another place. But you can’t do the same with computers. it means you can’t carry a computer with you its very hard. 
*you have to connect the CPU, mouse, and keyboard to the computer, and then you can work on it. But in a laptop, these are in a combined form. 
*laptop is more popular than the desktop computer. 
*you can upgrade the desktop’s processor but on the laptop, you can’t do this. 
*you can increase both rams. It means you can increase your computer’s ram and your laptop’s ram. 
*in the personal computer you can increase external and internal hard disk but on a laptop, you can increase only external hard disk. 
*People can assemble their laptop according to them but in the computer, it is assembled from the company itself. 
*You can upgrade the internal graphics card according to you on the computer. But in laptop this is very costly and hard. 
*you can easily buy a mouse and keyboard whenever you need it. In laptop this is very costly and hard. 

And finally according to both are good on their needs. Both are important. 

I hope you all understand that what is computer and laptop and differences between them.