How To Type In Hindi (Pc, Android)

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Hello everyone
Today I am going to tell you about Hindi typing .
In which you know to type hindi in your mobile or on keyboard in a easy way .
So if you don’t know how then you are reading a right article.

Nowdays everyone wants to type hindi and English also but it is not easy to type Hindi for everyone.
So if you are a Hindi writer or Hindi lover then lets read the article and type Hindi .

So if you want to type in Hindi in your Android or smartphone are on other keyboard then it is easy.
If you don’t know to type hindi then dont worry .
Or you type but very slowly then don’t worry
Today I am going to tell you about how you can type Hindi in your Android are on other keyboards.

Because to write in Hindi you have to need only type in English and then it will be convert in English so I hope this is very easy method to write or to type Hindi in your mobile are on your keyboard.

For example aap kya kar rhe hain?
It will convert in in आप क्या कर रहे हैं?

For it you need to open a tool.
You have to download a tool” Google indic Keyboard “.
It is available on Play Store .
Download app and install it .
Now open and tap on enable setting .
Then on Google indic keyboard .
Then you see one more page in which you have to select input method.
After it select Google indic keyboard.
Now tap on set permission and give permissions .
Now when you need to type in Hindi you have to choose Hindi from your mobile keyboard.
You have to given something on keyboard also to select you can select anything from it .
Now whenever you type it will be type in Hindi only .
To type again English you need to tap an ABC.
Now you can type English and Hindi both whenever you want .

And if you want to type on keyboard also then it is also very easy do you want to know the reason let’s go on topic to type Hindi on your keyboard you have to to complete some settings and some steps after it you can type Hindi from your keyboard.

From Pc you can type in hindi also

Start your window 10 .
Go on setting .
Now tap on time and setting.
Now click on region and language. Then click on add language .
You have given some option and you have to select Hindi .
Now click on Hindi.
Then click on add keyboard .
Then click on Hindi India devnagri inscript .
Now you can type Hindi on your computer laptop easily.
When ever you go on MS Word tap on Swift + alt .
Then the language of keyboard changes in Hindi.
You can add any language on Windows 10.

So now it is easy to type Hindi or any other language from your keyboard .

And it’s very easy to type Hindi in your mobile phone, in your Android ,in your smartphones.
So if you are Hindi lover and if you want to type Hindi then let’s start to type Hindi on your mobile.
You can also use it at status typing ,at messages typing ,at WhatsApp chatting ,messengers ,in everywhere.
You can use this everywhere.
It is not a specific or particular way for particular purpose .
As it is only not for WhatsApp .
It is for everything .
It is only for your keyboard. whatever, whenever you use it you can use Hindi and English both typing .
So I hope this article will be helpful for you and if you are reading it and before sometime you are searching for a an idea to type Hindi from your mobile then I hope your problem is solved.
So don’t skip it.

Thank you

Credit- Soumya