What is CRM and how it works?

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Hello everyone today I am going to tell you about What is CRM and how it works?

I hope you all are want to know CRM because it is really a new thing .
So lets start the topic.

It is used to track and measure the marketing campaign on many networks.
CRM is used to track customer and its relationship by selling .
There is a lot of place where you can see the CRM system which contains direct emails, social media ,centres, Bank, data storage files and customer data questions.
There is in all B2B transactions CRM will present which used to support the transaction improvements, help of customer and to talking with customers.
CRM contains a detailed service of activities of system companies ,telephone calls and email on main website at a large area.
CRM is design for improving the customer experience during talking with companies.
It contains primary search steps by buying process and steps after transaction is also available in CRM.
It is a big business of itself .
It is heading towards for cloud based solutions because all businesses are appreciate ability of cloud-based softwares.


It is used to surveillance the relation between company and customer.
It is used for improvement in external and internal process of companies.
To make honest customer for brands.
Plan for customer in future also.
It is used to increase profite and decrease loss of the company


Now I am telling about what’s records the CRM contains.
It contain the history of transactions.
It contains the provided previous services .
It also telling you about relation between customer and companies .
It is used to to services record after selling.

In CRM there is all employee training and software of special.
There is some types of CRM as…

Functional CRM …..it is contains selling details marketing in business process.
it also helps to employ to know the details of customers.

Analytical CRM…. it analytic of consumers data.
it designs and execute specific marketing .
it is also used to analytic customers behave in the connection of products and services.
It also contains management information system .
it is used to take decisions in helpful results .
it also used for selling statements.
it is used to keep all the records of customers profit.

Help full CRM…… in this CRM it contains all the data about customer and all the transactions also .
it is mainly used for improvements in selling system, customers profit, behaviou with customers etc.

Consumers relationship CRM….. it keep records of all the transactions between companies and customers.
it also contains all the records about it and products that is also.

Some other kinds of CRM as simple CRM, social CRM and helpful CRM also.

It means this software is really good for all the companies for better service .
By accepting this software all companies can make their relation best with customers .

I hope this article will be helpful for you thank you

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