What is digital marketing ??

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Hello everyone
As you all know the importance of internet and mobile phones computer laptop and other digital things, so I hope you can also understand the popularity of these things and today my topic is also based on these things .

Today I want to share you that ” what is digital marketing”?

As you all know in this age  everything is available online .
Internet make our life better and we can also take all the facilities by internet .
To advertise and sell our things  and products in digital ways is called digital marketing .
we can connect with it by internet, computer, mobile phone ,laptop and other website also.

It is the way in which you can do Marketing and shopping by internet ,computer and electronic media You can also say it is an online marketing.
In digital marketing you can use social media ,mobile ,email ,search engine ,Optimisation etc as a Tool.

You can also build  career in digital marketing.
It is a field in which you can earn more and more money.
It is a very large field where you can be posted as digital marketing manager ,content marketing manager ,social media marketing specialist, Web Designer ,app developer ,content writer ,search engine marketing  ,inbound marketing manager ,SEO executive conversion, rate optimizer etc.

There is a large opportunity for web designer ,app designer and social media management Masters.
there is also a large apportunity in e -commerce companies ,digital marketing agencies.

It is a business which is very popular in the world.
You have to update you in this field and then you can earn a good earning.

There is biggest importance for Digital Marketing specialist in famouscompanies.
Because they are the very important person in this field.
They are responsible to prepare digital marketing material and maintain it .
They  make up a banner add, email and the website to branding the company.

They also prepare marketing  campaign for Internet and digital technology which is provided throgh  mobile phones.

I hope you all can understand what is digital marketing and how you can use it .
How you can search job in this field .