What is technology? What are the advantage and disadvantages of technology?

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What is technology?,what is the meaning of technology ? What are the advantages of technology and what are the disadvantages of technology?
You get all the answers here….

So lets start.
Whenever we think about technology, our mind think only about computer ,smartphones, laptop etc
In fact the meaning of Technology is more than this hardware things.
Nowadays technology is important medium of our life.

We all are the part of Technology.
We can use all the modern facilities because of Technology and Technology changes our working way or style and make it easy .
So let’s go on our topic Technology.

Meaning of Technology …….

You can say technology is a man made thing which we used to make our work easy and get information.
We use technology to make our daily work easy and to be relax with stress and hard work.

Today we are nothing without technology.

Today computers ,smartphones ,laptop are the main an important parts of our life.

Technology means is to use science for our need and purpose.
By technology we can do those works which are very hard for us. And by technology it can be done easily.
technology is a man made thing which make easy as our work and problems.
There are many kinds of Technology ……
Information technology…. it this is used in computer ,Smartphones and other things .

second is Transportation Technology……
in which we include car ,bus ,train, cycle ,bike are other transportable things.

Third is Communication Technology …….
we can collect and get or give information through Communication Technology .

Next is Network Technology…..
by this technology it is easy to share data on different system.

Artificial intelligence…. The purpose of this technology is to make those type of Software ,Hardware or smart machines which do the things according to their intelligence as human.

Next is Space Technology…. because of this Technology we are able to know the weather condition, GPS technology, satellite telecast or transportation of informations.

Next is Agricultural Technology….. as we use, our former use tractor or any other Agricultural machines which make farmer’s life easy .
By which they can get a good crops .

And next is Robotics technology…..
this technology is used to make robots, designs, programming .
Now robots are the modern and very unique man made thing .

Next is Educational technology …………..
this technology helps our educational base to be extra advance, good and knowledgeable .

Next is Medical Technology…..
it means all the Machines and equipment by which we know our health’s condition .

Entertainment Technology …..
television ,radio ,internet, social media, video streaming and web series by which we entertain are called entertainment are entertaining Technologies.

now we are going on the topic what are the advantages of Technology ?

as you all know that technology is very important part of our life .

Without Technology you don’t know anything ,you can’t do anything .

Because in technology when you live in your home, when you are working in your office or whenever you go any other places for your trip, for travelling .
Without Technology they can’t travell.
They can’t travell without using technology.

As we use fan and be relax in summer .
We also use cooler, AC in summer .
We use fridge it is also important for us ,for our home, for our grocery things ,vegetables or fruits.

We use electricity ,invertor,generator or any electronic machines by which we can feel good and get all the needy facilities and save our time .
We use washing machine to wash and dry clothes by which we can save our time.

For Transport we all use cycle, bike ,car, bus, train ,aeroplane by which we have no problem and we can go everywhere.
For communication we use smart phones ,mobile ,tablet by which we can connect to our relatives ,friends or other .

For our kitchen we use grinder, mixture, induction ,oven, gas etc and by these things we also can save our time and be relaxed and it is very helpful for our health.
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