What is APK?

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What is APK?

APK is a form of package file format. which is used by Android operating system for the installation and mobile application dustribution.

APK is short form whose full name is Android Package Kit.

As we use exe file to install any app in Window like as we can use apk to install any app in android.

How you can install apk file in your android?

Many times when we want to install any app and the app is not available in google Play Store then you can install that app from Google. Which is also in the form of APK file.

And when you take any app from your relatives are friend then you find that app in your Android which is also in the form of Apk.

Many times you updated any but you don’t like its new version and want to install it’s old version then you can install that app from from Google. Which is also in the form of Apk.

How you can install apk file on internet?

You can find many sites to install apk file on internet but many sites May install apk file but also install Mobile virus in your Android which are very harmful for your Android.

So, apk file must be install from any trusted sites on Google before downloading any app from any other sites then must be check the details of that sites and also check that this is trusted or not trusted.

Which is the best and trusted site to install apk file in Android?

Getinto is a best and trusted site on Google by which you can download any apk file in your Android and this site never harm your device.

If you want then you can download any app from app manager. it is also good site to download any app without using Google Play Store or Google.

How you can take any apk file from your computer or laptop in your Android?

If you have any apk file already in your computer and laptop then first connect a USB cable in your Android and laptop. Now copy that apk file in any folder in your Android and after it now you search that folder name in which you copy that apk file and then click on the link and install your APK file.

Now you can use this in your smartphone.

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