World’s top 5 CEO and Their revenue…

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World’s top CEO and Their revenue…

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He is the chief executive officer in Apple I-Phone company.
Apple is a I-Phone maker company.
Tim Cook was born on November 1960 in Roberts Dell Alabama in America.
He was completed his study from University of Alburn from science.
He is also a board member in apple NIC.
He was born in a normal and simple family .
He was doing job when he was study in Alburn University.
His aim was to become an engineer.
He completed his study from industrial engineering.
His teachers was gave a name for Tim Cook as a solid b + or A- student.
He joined Apple company from 2011 as CEO.
His earning is 3 crores daily.
There is a bad effect of decreasing iPhone Selling rate on Tim Cook’s salary .
He got only 83 crore salary in 2019 .
In 2008 he got 1,12,66,47,700 as his salary .
It means he got the loss of 29 crores in a year only .
In 2019 he got his base salary only 30 lacs and in 30 lacs.
All the bonus and funds include in 30 lacks.
Although there is also a loss of 77lacks in bonus only.
When the Selling rate of Apple iPhones cross hundred percent then Tim Cook got 1.20 crore dollar as bonus.
According to this time the salary and other bases of Tim Cook earning is going in loss.


He was born in 19th August 1967 in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh.
His wife’s name is Anupama Nadella.
Satya nadella is posted as CEO in world’s famous and main software company Microsoft.
He became CEO of Microsoft company in 2014.
His full name is Satyanarayan nadella.
He lives in Washington.
His nationality is American.
His salary in Microsoft is 5.6 Millions.
His educational profile is BS, MSCS, MBA.
His salary is 23 lacs dollar .
His annual salary is about 4.29 crores dollar.
He also gain profit from share market .
From share markets he gain 2.96 crores dollar .
His present time net worth is about to 100 crores.


Sundar Pichai is an American Businessman who is the CEO of Google LLC.
Google changes its name in alphabet after it Larry Page made Sundar Pichai as Google CEO and he became the CEO of alphabet company.
Sundar Pichai was born on 10 june 1972 at Madurai Tamil Nadu.
His nationality is American .
His full name is Pichai sundararajan .
His wife’s name is Anjali Pichai.
He completed his study at Bhartiya praudyogiki Sansthan khadagpur.
He became the CEO of Google on 2 October 2015 .
In 3 December 2019 he also became the CEO of alphabet company .
His mother Lakshmi was a stenographer and his father was an electrical engineer.
At starting he worked on Google search bar with a small team.
Then he also worked with the other products of Google.
he was also the director of Jiva software.
AS alphabet he gets 24.2 crores dollar package.
He also gain the increment in his basic salary of 200 percent basic salary is 20 lacs dollar .
He also get $24 as stock options.
He got 4.6 crores basic salary as Google CEO in 2018 but now it is increased with two hundred percent.
He also got the fund of 19 lacks dollars.
It means if he work 40 hours in a week then his salary of all the hours is 2,25,961 crores.


Jeff bejos is the chief executive officer of Amazon company .
He is also the com board director in Amazon .
He is the richest man of world according to Forbes 2018 list.
He was born on 12 January 1964 at Albakarik New Mexico America.
His nationality is American.
His wife is makanji scort.
He is an electrical engineer.
In 1999 he was honoured as person of the year by Times magazine.
He break the records by earn 97 thousand crores in a day.
His networth is 17720 crores USD .
His annual salary is 81,840.

5.Shatish kumar Gupta- payTm payment Bank(CEO)

He is a new Managing Director and chief executive officer of Paytm payment bank.
He has an experience of 35 years .
He was posted as chief in SBI and NPCL .
He was born on 20 April 1953 chhachharauli, Haryana, India.
His nation

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