How Cricket Come In India And Get Famous ?

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According to some facts the cricket was started in 16th century. That time people play cricket for their entertainment only. Cricket was started from Englishmen. And in that time cricket is also started to play in India ,North America and West Indies. But first definite evidence is found in 18th century.

In 1709 William play cricket in James river state for stuff it was the starting of cricket.

Cricket in india

It was started in 18th century from European sailors in India. First cricket club was established in Kolkata in 1792 .But the National Cricket team played their first match on 25 June 1932 in Lords in oppose of England.With playing first test match it became 6th team and found a good place in all test match. In 1970 Indian team became a powerful team in the world.

Cricket is the most popular sport in the world. It played in every corner of the country. It is the most watched game in the world also. It is so easy to play because it need only bat, ball and stumps. The gali cricket can be played with a tennis or taped ball.

In India it also became very popular. because Indian has won the cricket World Cup twice,first in 1983 and second is in 2011. They also were the winners of inaquarrel T20 world cup in 2011 .It also be famous because of the BCCI.

BCCI is the most powerful Cricket board in the world. It is richest board. It is not depend on government for support. It is played by every student ,child youth and girls also. It doesn’t need any large field. People can play it in a small field or on any Road or in any Gali also.Everyone knows to play cricket .

In the comparison of other games India has a lot of coaching centres for crickets. It also a big reason for that youth interested in cricket a lot. In every country and India also it play more than other games. All countries have great batsman ,bowler, fielder and all rounder also. Our country has really a lot of Legends as Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni ,Sourav Ganguly and Yuvraj Singh .Because of them the Indian cricket team is on a high level. Cricket has money, Fame ,name, everything by which youth attract with it. IPL is also increase the popularity of cricket. In starting it was only for cities but now in this time it played on road ,Gali ,village at everywhere.

Now I am going to tell you about some important person related to Indian cricket team.
1.Number- 1 cricketer in India……Virat Kohli.
2.Number -1 cricket captain….Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
3.King of Cricket now in this time in India….Virat Kohli
4.Best captain in IPL….Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
5.Sixer king ….Rohit Sharma
6.God of IPL ……Rohit Sharma
7.Second God of cricket …..Virat kohli
8.God of cricket……Sachin Tendulkar
9.Queen of cricket….Mithali Raj
10.Legend of cricket….Sachin Tendulkar
11.No one fielder….Suresh Raina
12.Most followed cricketer ….Virat kohli
13.The IPL team With more fans…..Mumbai Indians.

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