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Our todays topic is the best 5 Glabal Games .So everyone if you dont know about these five popular games then read and know about it.


A game in which player kick on the ball to goal it And cause of this it is called football. it is an outdoor came. It is played in 2 team.
Both team must have 11 players .
it has a time of 90 minutes. According to the international point and it is played in parts of 45 45 minutes .every team tried to goal more than opposite team.
Which team do more goals is winner. It is not played with the help of hands .
only goal keeper can touch it by hands to stop the ball ,none other. In every four years FIFA organised football game.
And all the great teams of all country participate in it. We use football to play this game .it has a nickname socker .
it is played in China in 2nd or 3rd Century BC. It is played on grass area are artificial Grass Land. It was started from British in India.
It was played between soldier in starting .
first football team captain was Mohun Bagan.
There are 232 countries who played football in FIFA . father of modern football is Ebenezer cobb Morley . the current captain of football team is Sunil Chhetri.


It was started in 12th century in France. racket was used from 16th century . It was popular in England and France also. it is played between two has one or two player .
We use tennis racket and and tennis ball to play it.the field where players play tennis is known as tennis court.
It is in Olympic now.the tennisball should be of 56.0 are 59 grams. it has four main competitions….. first is Australian Open, second is French Open ,Third is VimbLondon and 4th is US open.
Rohit Rajpal is the current tennis captain in India.
First tennis player of India was Sardar Nihal Singh. Major Walter wingfield invented version of Real Tennis .
Mahesh Shrinivas Bhupati is the first Indian player to win a Grand Slam tournament.
Ankita Ravindra Krishnan Raina is the current Indian female tennis team captain.
She is number one in both single and double also


Volleyball is also a popular game. Every team must have six players.It is an American game.
It is very popular game in India also it has a field field with the bredth of 9 mtr and legnth is 18mtr. It is called volleyball court.
It is very popular in Indian also.
It was started in 1895 in America. the father of Volleyball is Willium Morgan.
It is also an Olympic Games. It is global game. Gurinder Singh is the current captain of India mens national volleyball team .
India is on 34th rank in the world out of 127 nations. Minimol Abraham is the current captain of India Women’s volleyball team. Angry Rohit Rana is the best Indian Volleyball player.
Brazil is the best country in volleyball. Veteran Deepali Malik is the starter of volleyball in India.


It was played in 1721 by the sellers of East India company in India. it was called crickett in 1952.
It was played in 17th Century by children’s. According to the facts the starting of the cricket is 16 century. At that time people play cricket for their enjoyment and entertainment only.
Cricket is a game which played with bat and ball. It is played in a big field.
It has batsman, bowler, fielder etc. It is played in more than hundreds country.
Now in India it is also very popular. It is in Olympics also. Everyone like to play and watch cricket. Children,youth, student and girls also are very interested in this game.
The length of The cricket pitch is 22 mtr and breadth is 30mtr.the current cricket team captain is Virat Kohli now .
MS Dhoni is a best cricket captain in Indian National Cricket Team. Sachin Tendulkar is known as the legend of The cricket.


Basketball is playing game .it is also an outdoor game. It has two teams of five players.
both teams try to find more points than opposite team. female basketball was started in 1892 in a Smith college.
Mens hight is over 6 feet 3 inches and females allowed from 5 feet 7 inches. They should be fit and strong also .
basketball is popular in every country. every organisation and school organised this to support the students in the sport line.
Basketball was started from Canadian doctor Jems Naismith. He is also the father of basketball.
It need a ball filled with air to play the basketball.

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