Top 5 Famous Rappers In India

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Badshah is a Punjabi rapper and singer. His real name is Aditya Prateek Bhardwaj.
He started his career with Honey Singh in 2006.
He sang many songs in Hindi ,Punjabi and Haryanvi movie.
He was born in kalasi village district kernal.
He is mainly related from Bollywood.
He is a writer and singer and he is also a musician.
His father is a Haryanvi and mother is Punjabi.
He sang best rapper songs as Saturday Saturday, Vande Mataram in ABCD 2 , Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai Khubsurat, aaj raat ka scene bana le in jajba, Kala Chashma in baar baar Dekho.
He sang many song like this .
All of his songs are hit and popular. he is famous for his rapping.
He sang many songs in album also.
he sang many songs and made many raps for advertisement of companies and apps.
As he sang Har Ghoont me swag hai for Pepsi. And he sang ban takatak song for mx takatak application.
His 2020 networth is 29.95 crore INR. He charge 11 lakhs per song. And all of his songs going hit one by one.
He has a lot of fans on Instagram, Facebook and other social sites.


He is a punjabi singer, musician, rapper and actor also. He started his career in 2004 and he get famous as Bhangra singer.
He also sang songs for bollywood. His all songs are related to bollywood is also very popular and hit.
He learned rapping in Trivitri University of England.
His full name is Hirdesh singh. His nick name is yo yo honey singh.
He was born in 1983 in Hoshiyarpur. He is a punjabi.
He started his career in bollywood from 2006.
He sang many songs as The one bottle down, Dil chori sadda ho gaya, Blue eyes and many others.
He had a controversy with the songs of Boss and one another. Then he had to be face Delhi high court.
He is also a best rapper in bollywood. He has a lot of fans. His estimated networth is 168 crore INR.


He is also a singer and rapper .
He is now success in bollywood. His real name is is Dilin Nayar. He was born on 16 november 1988.
He is a rapper, singer, dancer, composer and music director also. His birth place is Delhi India.
he started his career in singing with Yo Yo Honey Singh and he was also the member of music group Mafia Munder. He started his life in Bollywood as a dancer.
He did background dance in Bollywood movies.
he also was the participator in Dance India Dance and got famous from this show.
He left the Mafia munder group.
Then RDB sign him for his three records. And he get fame from here.
His fans are known as RAA Army .
His nick name or stage name is Raftaar or RAA.
He sang many songs in Bollywood as Tamanche pe Disco, whistle Baja, and many other songs.
His all the songs are very hit. he has a lot of fans.
He is a very good person. He is a very kind man.
His estimated networth is 1.2 crore.


Divine is a rapper in Bollywood. his full name is Vivian Fernandes. his stage name is divine.
He belong from Mumbai Maharashtra India.
He was popular by the song Yeh Mera Bombay 2013.
He also rap in the song Mere gully Mein. He was born on 29th October 1990 in Andheri Maharashtra India.
His genres is hip hop and rap. He is a rapper and actor.
His networth is a 1.2 crore approximately.
He is a rising star in our country..
He is a rising rapper in our bollywood industry.
He got fame as a rapper from the movie gully boy.


Rajakumari is famous female rapper in India.
She was born on 11 January 1986 at California US. She us a rapper, singer and songwriter also.
She started her life in rapping from 2012 till now.
Her real name is Svetha Yallapragada Rao. She did B.A. in religious studies. She is personally known as Rajakumari.
She is an Indian American rapper.She is best known for her collabaration with famous artists .
she sang many songs as Husn parcham,the wakhra swag,jugni and piece etc.
Her networth is 2K to 2.7k in August 2020.
She is also the judge of MTV hustle.
She is an inspiring woman in India.
She is most famous female rapper in India

Now some independent artists also coming On the front screen like emiway, Kri$na And Much More in List

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