Top 8 Popular Youtubers And Their Networth In India

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Carryminati is the no.1 channel on indian you tube in these days.The creater and owner of this channel is Ajey Nagar. He is an Indian. he is a Roaster .he is a gamer. he is a rapper and youtuber also he has two YouTube channels one is Carryminati and second isCarryIsLive.He was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad ,Haryana India.He is know as Carryminati or Carry.He is active on you tube from 2014 till now.He has 25 million subscribers.His 2020 estimated networth is $3.8 million .His monthly earning is more than  25 lakhs.His annual income is more than 2 crore.
He is a comedian .All his videos are very popular in India .He has a lot of subscriber on youtube and a lot of followers on fb ,twitter,instagram etc.


It is an Indian music company.It has more than 10 crore subscribers on you tube.It is the biggest you tube channel in the world.This company was started by Gulshan Kumar in 1983 in Delhi.It identified as the’ BHAKTI SANGEET’ company at that time.But now in this time there are a lot of bollywood songs which was recorded by t-series company.This channel was started by Bhushan Kumar in 2006 with same title T -Series.The 2020 estimated networth of this channel and company is $406 million dollars.The annual income of this channel is more than 100 million .  It is also known as Huge International Multinational Company .The CEO of this company is Bhushan Kumar DUA .He was born on 27 November 1977.He is an Indian Film Producer,Music Producer and Composer also.He is also the chairman and managing director of Super Cassets Indistries Ltd. It also known as T-Series.

3.GAURAV CHAUDHARY(Technical Guruji)

The owner and creator of Technical Guruji is Gaurav Chaudhary.He was born on 7 May 1991 in Azmer ,Rajasthan .
He lives in Dubai .He has more than 15.8 million subscriber on his you tube channel .
He posted all the videos in Hindi language.His all the videos are based on technology,smartphones,unboxing etc.His all the videos are very popular.His all the videos are very informative.His videos are very helpful.He is very popular on you tube and other social sites .His estimated 2020 networth is $43.86 million.His monthly earning is more than $12.8k to $204.8k.His annual income is more than $153.6 k to $5.25 million .He is a success you tuber .

4.SANDEEP MAHESHWARY(sandeep maheshwari)

the owner and creator of Sandeep Maheshwari channel is Sandeep Maheshwari. He is a motivational speaker Businessman and social speaker. He was born on 28 september 1980.He is also the CEO  of started his career as a photographer.because he was very attracted by photography in 2000.He also try his career in modelling because he loves to modelling .But because of some reasons he dont want to go with modelling profession and left it.His wife is Ruchi Maheshwari.His father’s name is Roopkishore Maheshwari and mothers name is Shakuntala Maheshwari  .He has more than 14 million subscriber on you tube channel.He does all the seminar in free .His 2020 networth  estimated networth is 15 crore.
He is the ideal of a lot of students and person.He is also popular in all because of his motivational speeches and quotes .He helps to poor people.He want that “everyone lives their life comfortably and enjoy it.


The owner and creater of BB ki vines channel is Bhuwan Bam .He is a comedian.He uploads videos related to comedy on his you tube channel.He belong to New Delhi.He was born on 22 January 1994. He has more than16 Million subscriber on his you tube channel.He is very popular in you tube .He is very success you tuber nowdays .He is also a singer.He was born in Gujerat.His mother is Padma bam .He has a brother,Aman bam .He is a pilot.He is known as BB.He has more than 14.7 million subscriber on his you tube channel.His annual income is more than 2.3 Million dollar.He is a best you tuber . He has a lot of followers on Insta ,fb and other sites.

6.AMIT BHADANA (Amit bhadana)

The creater and owner of amit bhadana channel is Amit Bhadana.He is an indian .He is an indian you tube superstar.He has more than 18 million subscriber.He is very popular in you tube community.He belongs to Faridabad.He makes all the videos ,related to relationships. He makes heart touching videos on the value of relationships.His father is Narendra Bhadana .His brother is Sumit Bhadana .He was born on 5  september in 1991.His annual income is more than 5 crore.His income on per you tube video is more than 10  lakhs.His monthly income is more than 30 lakhs.His estimated 2020 networth is $6.3 million.

7. ASHISH CHANCHLANI(Ashish Chanchlani Vines)

the owner and creator of ashish chanchlani vines channel on you tube is Ashish Chanchlani.He is very popular you tube video creater.He makes comedy videos.All people likes his videos very much.He was born on 7 November 1993.  His qualification is B-   Tech.He is a you tube sensation.He started his channel in 2009. He has more than 16 million subscriber on you tube .His estimated 2020 networth is$ 4 million .he was born in Mumbai.His mother is Deepa chanchalani.His sister is Muskan Chanchalani.He is also a good actor.His first video was come in 2014 on youtube.
He is a good video creater.He made best comedy videos.


The owner and creater of the channel Being indian is Sahil Khattar.He was born on 21 March19991.He is an Indian.He is an you tuber.He is an actor. He is a television host also.He has 2 you tube channel one is Khattarnak and second is Being Indian.He was a radio jockey in 2007.He hosted some television shows as Dance India Dance,india’s Raw Star and India’s Got Talent.
He also hosted some sport events as Russia World Cup 2018  and Sony Ten 3 . It has more than 1,578,111  subscriber. He was born on Chandigarh India .He is graduate.

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