Top 10 Online Shopping Sites In India

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1.FLIPKART- It is an Indian E-Commerce company.It’s headquarter is situated in Bangalore.It was stabilized in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal .it was only made for the selling and buying of books but now it keeps all the electronic and other things to its customer. You can pay by credit card ,debit card, net banking ,gift voucher and cash on delivery also. it is an online shopping site. it is available in the language Hindi ,cannad, Tamil ,Telugu and English . its owner is Flipkart Private Limited. Its income is 6.1 billion. Its slogan is’ the online mega store’. Its Alexa rank is 165 according to May 2020 details. It was started 3 years ago. Mobile phones and related accessories are the highest selling items on Flipkart. We get all the the thing on this site as clothes ,shoes ,personal care things, kitchen related items, electronic items, food drinks and all the other things.It is a best online shopping app and site.It’s URL is

2.AMAZON-Amazon established in 1994. Its founder was Jeff bezos. Its headquarter is situated in Siatel Washington America. It is a worldwide online site . The CEO Zafri P. Bejosh. It is the biggest E-Commerce Marketplace and Cloud Computing platform. The was stabilized by Jeff bezos on 5 July 1994. It sales all the things and protects also. It sells clothes, video games, electronics, dresses, furnitures,food products ,toys and ornaments, TV, radio etc it is biggest internet company. In 1998 it sells music and videos only. In 2002 the Amazon Web Services started .Amazon has many other services as amazonfresh, Amazon Prime, Amazon Web series, Alexa, App Store ,Amazon drive, fire, music ,Amazon Studio ,Amazon wireless etc. it launched in India on 5 June 2013.It is the best online shopping site.

3.SNAPDEAL-It is also an online shopping app.It is an Indian E-Commerce company .The founder of this company is Kunal Bahal.It was started on 4 February 2010.It’s headquarter is situated in New Delhi ,India.It has a slogan also of ‘Bachate Raho’.Actually this company is started in 2010.But as E-Commerce company in the market it started in 2011.In 2011 it was the biggest company who sell more than other company .It is one of the all companies who give more than 30,000 to 30,000,000 products.It also get more funds.It is a best shopping .

4.MEESHO- Meesho is an online shopping site. It is an Indian based social commerce platform. The founder of this company is Vidit aatrey and Sanjeev Baranwal . It also help to people to start their online store through their social sites as WhatsApp ,Facebook and Instagram. Its headquarters situated in Bangalore, India. It was the chosen for the Y- combinator in one of the three Indian company. It was the part of the first batch of Google launchpad- solve for India program. It is a private company. It was stabilized in December 2015. The CEO of Meesho is Vidit aatrey and the CTO of Meesho is Sanjiv Baranwal.

5.MYNTRA- It is an Indian fashion e-Commerce company. Its main branch is situated in Bangalore Karnataka in India. It was established in 2007. It was the personal things selling sites at that time . It was accepted by financial Flipkart in May 2014. It is a private company. The languages avail here is only English. It gives services from India only. Its founder was Mukesh Bansal and Vineet Saxena and Ashutosh Lavanya. The CEO of Myntra is Amar Nagaram. The helping companies of myntra is fitiguette Roadstar. The URL of this company is the Alexa rank is 1267 according to 2018. It was launched in 2007. The parent of myntra is Flipkart

6.JABONG.COM- It is an E-Commerce company. The avail language in this company is only English .it was founded in 2012 . the headquarter of this company in Sector 18 Gurgaon Haryana India .the served area of this company is India .the founder of this company is Pravin Sinha . The parental company of is Flipkart .the URL of this company is Jabong redirected to Myntra. The Alexa rank of this company is 1976 according to the june 2018. The co founder of this company is Chandra Mohan, Praveen Sinha, Lakshmi Potluri and Manu Kumar Jain. All co founders of this company have left the company. It was recorded by 6000 orders in a day. It sold shoes ,accessories, home decor ,furniture and thousand brands and over 90,000 products. Other products are jewelry and gold coins.

6.LIMEROAD-It is an online shopping site.It is a private company.It is an E-Commerce company.It is available in Hindi and English languages.It served only in India.The founder of Limeroad is Suchi Mukharjee and Ankush Mehra.The CEO of limeroad is Suchi Mukharjee.The parental company of limeroad is A.M. marketplace private limited .The URL of this company is alexa rank of this company is 1128th .It was launched in 2012.It is an women social shopping website.It got awards of coolest startup award in 2015.Unicorn start up award in 2016.ET startup award in 2017.

7.PAYTM MALL- It is an online shopping app.You can search and buy all the products on this app as mobile,tv,laptop ,men’s fashion ,women’s fashion,books etc. You can Install it by Google Play Store. You can buy International products on this site. You can get 15% cashback on this site while stopping. You will be update with all the notifications of product ,offer and other. You can get all things related to all category in this site . it is a private company. It is Financial Service online shopping payment system. It is available in multi language. It was launched in August 2010. The headquarter of is in B12 Sector 5 Noida UP India. It served at the base of worldwide. The CEO of this company is Varun Sridhar. The president of this company is Amit Nayyar. The vice president of this company is Ajay Shekhar Sharma. It is an E-Commerce Finance Company.The revenue of this company was 3579 crore in 2019. The parental of this company are Vijay Shekhar Sharma and financials, softbank Vision Fund ,Saif partners ,Alibaba group etc. The alexa rank of this company is 594 at Global and 56 in India according to 2019 .it was launched in August 2010.

8.SHOPCLUES- This is an online shopping site. The founder of this company is Radhika Agrawal. The CEO of the company is also Radhika Agrawal. She is the big example of women empowerment. This company was started in 2007 in Gurgav. firstly this company was started from 10 people. Now there are 1,000 employee in this company. This company do business of 80 crore per month. It was started in 2011. The founder of this company is and women. And all of the women should be inspired from her.

9.HOMESHOP- It is Hindi TV channel and a website. This was launched in 9 April 2008. This is the first Home Shopping Channel which runs for 24 hours. The customer care number of Homeshop is 1800 103 1818. The CEO of this company is Manish cholera. The founder of this company is Sandeep Malhotra. The head quarter of this company is in Noida. It is available in English. It is an E-Commerce company . the owner of this company is Network 18. The director of this company is also Network 18. The URL of this company is the Alexa rank of this company is 1178 according to 2012. It was started in 12 years before. Now it is an online shopping channel and company. The television channel is also e-commerce.

10.BIGBASKET- It was founded by V.S. Sudhakar ,Hari Menon ,Vipul Parekh ,Abhinav Choudhary and Vs Ramesh. It was founded in October 2011. The parents of this company is Supermarket grocery supplies Private Limited. It is serving as a grocery deliver. It is a private company. The headquarter of this company is situated in Bangalore. The serving area of this company is India. The URL of this company is