What is web browser?How it works ? Some famous browsers.

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Web browser is a software program which we used to search website, Read the content in that website or
to take advantages from that browser. It is a internet using program. It is a group of structured codes which completed the series of task Together by which we can see it in display. It is a software program which allow us to search web pages are access are see. In short web browser is called browser. We use it to see our search websites. It is a software program which to arrive the content in which there is web pages, images ,videos or other files to its user which is present in www. Browser is worked as a client which run in the computer which sent web server to get the information. web server sends the information back to the web browser and the result is shown in mobile or computer. Now a days all the browser can interpret and axcess display all type of content present in web server are completely programmed by HTML, web pages ,applications JavaScript ,AIAX etc.

Components of web browser…..
1.User interface…
this is the place where user interact. It contains address bar ,home button ,refresh button, stop button back and next buttons etc.

2.Browser engine…. it is responsible to render the web pages on browser screen.

3.Rendering engine….. it works as a engine between user interface and rendering engine. Whatever is input by user interface it is also query and manipulate the rendering engine.

4.Networking ……networking is handling all the matters of internet communication and security. Network component is using retrive documents and cache.

5.JavaScript interpreter …..
it interpret and execute the matter present in browser.

6.Data storage …..
it is a kind of hard Layer It support browser storage mechanism. It manages users data as cache, cookies, books marks and preferences.

7.User interface backend …..
it is uses to make user back and basic user widget box.

All the browsers are different from each other. The first web browser of the world is WWW which made in 1990 the company which made it in W3C full stop the full form of W3C is world wide web consortium.

Some famous browsers….

UC browser is a software which we use to use the internet. You can access internet by UC browser. UC browser is the company of China. The name of its company is ucweb. Now it is bought by Alibaba group. It is very popular in the country as India and Indonesia. It is popular in Asia also. Because it is a simple browser. It is available in many language. As Chinese, English ,Urdu ,Bangla ,Hindi ,Tamil ,Telugu, Russian etc. You can install UC Browser on IOS ,Android ,Windows Phone ,Windows RT, S60, Windows CE operating system. There is a lot of features than other browsers in UC Browser.

It is a java-based free web browser. It is very light and small type best browser. To read the Hindi sites are letters it is the best browser. It is very fast in speed. It can run on any mobile phone platform. It is made by Opera limited company. It is 72 % faster than Chrome browser. It save your data and money both. It blocked all notifications. It don’t take slow videos are buffering problem. You can browse it in your own language.

It is a web browser by which you can read all type of information available on internet. It is free for all the users. You can use it in computer mobile phone laptop tablet and on other devices. It is mostly used web browser in the world. In starting it was launched only for Microsoft Windows in September 2008. It is easy to use. It is the fastest browser in all. It is works as a search engine. You can adjust its screen according to you full stop there are 150 000 extensions available in Chrome Web Store. It is multilingual. It is available on many operating systems.

Internet Explorer is a web browser of Microsoft. According to the Microsoft it is the best browser nowadays. It render faces very fast and it also play video very fast full stop according to Google it is fastest than Firefox and Chrome both. It can identify harmful scripts on web pages and it stopped click hijacking. It is launched by Microsoft computer company. It is the running Windows operating system. It can be e run on any operating system. It is a graphical web browser.

It is known as Firefox also police stop it is a free available open source web browser. Which used to read the web pages present in Internet. It is also used to search information available on internet. It was developed by Mozilla foundation and Mozilla Corporation full stop it was launched in 2002 full stop there are a dozen series of firefox now a days full stop the latest version of firefox is Firefox 63. It is available for about all operating systems. It is available in more than 90 languages. It is fastest than Google Chrome. There is easy customisation it means you can edit it according to you. It was less memory. You can manage your password with the help of of this browser.