What is Web Hosting and types of hosting

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You need web hosting to show any type of website on internet. If you are going to create website then you have to know about web hosting. Today we are going to know about web hosting ,features of web hosting, types of web hosting etc.

When you create website or blog then you have to store its all content as images ,videos and pages so that other can easily access it on Internet. It is a kind of a service which provide a service to upload website on internet. We need a powerful server connected to internet for web site hosting by which it always available for users . Although we can’t maintain this type of server ourselves because its maintenance cost is very high so we take the help of web hosting companies for Website hosting.
Web hosting companies have their own powerful server, technology and Technical staff. We hire hosting service according to monthly or yearly package. Then we get space in their server where we host our website easily.

There is many kinds of website .We buy hosting according to our need. Mainly it have 4 types.

    In this type of hosting a lot of website use only one server. It is very cheapest for you because you use only one server ‘s space , RAM and CPU with many websites together. In shared hosting you have to face some troubles, sometime it can affect the speed of a website and for user it shows technical error. Shared hosting is suitable for those who are starter or their business are in a small size. If you are creating a blog then you should start it with shared hosting. It is very easy to host website in share hosting. You can easily install a lot of tools and plugins in shared hosting.
    There is only your authority on this server. But it is very costly than other hosting. It is in your control because only you are using this service. You can change it’s setting and operating system according to you. By using dedicated hosting you don’t have to face the loss of traffic problem . By using these hosting you can increase the speed and performance of website. Those website which have a lot of traffic they should use dedicated hosting. When you have a large size E-commerce website then dedicated hosting is best for you.
  3. VPS (Virtual Private Hosting)
    It is the mixture of shared and dedicated hosting .In this model you have a server but this is virtual server not physical. There is a server is divided in many virtual servers for a website given virtual server and on that server there is only the authourity of that website. There website get better space ,computing power and bandwidth . Than shared hosting , the page load time is very fast in VPS hosting . It is not better than dedicated hosting but it is better than shared hosting. There is some limitations in VPS. The website which have very low traffic they can use VPS hosting.
    In Dedicated and VPS server there is a problem that you have less resources and there is a limit of storage and capacity. Although more web site can’t reach the limitations but sometime some content can be viral and then the traffic can increase and then it is hard to handle it . You can get solution of all these problems in cloud hosting . Their not only one server but many server together hosting your website. It is very popular nowadays. In cloud hosting your site can’t affected the loading Speed because of the high volume traffic. Although you can’t control whole server like dedicated hosting .,means you can’t change server setting or can’t install Special software. It is very flexible hosting solution . You can increase disk space and memory according to your need.

For web hosting there is a lot of companies who provide service to website owners on their server and they take some money from you monthly. Whenever and internet user come on your website by adding Browser uploading web address. Then his computer connect to its server where you host your website . Now the server display the HTML pages contents to the visitor.

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