What Is Cloud Computing?

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It was started in 1960 and at that time internate was not working as a global level very well. Cloud computing was a started mainly in 1990 when salesforce company was started to provide it’s services on its own website.
After it people started to understand the importance of cloud computing. Then people understood the importance of cloud computing in future full stop and in 21st century great and most famous companies was starting to provide services in this field.

How it works?

In cloud computing there is a software installed on many server or computers. It can be more than one. It have a lot of softwares. Cloud Computing works on dual layer Technology. Where there are available a layer of managing the server which is called backend and second layer which is used by client is called front end. And by combination of basic back end and front end in there set up a server for cloud computing.

Types of Cloud Computing

  1. Public Cloud Computing…. it is available for everyone. And it is managed by service provider. Many time it free are its charge very low cost. There are some example of Amazon Web services Microsoft Azure etc.
  2. Private Cloud Computing….. there is storing of services and network on private cloud. In this type of private cloud computing user has not to share cloud storage with any other user .as Google Drive is a private cloud computing. Here your data safe with your email password and no one can use your drive except to you.
  3. Community cloud computing. community Cloud Computing is available for a group for stop any other outsider cannot access the data.
  4. Hybrid Cloud Computing ……..
    in hybrid cloud there is both option private cloud and public cloud. This is a site where things available for registered user and public user also.

Types of cloud computing on the basic of provided services by cloud…..

  1. Laas (infrastructure as a service)
    In this type of service all the things are in control of user. As computing power storage software Network Power and other also for stop it is used mainly for only business purposes. As VPS in which you find computing power software and network all.
  2. Paas(platform as a service)
    In pass user can use only one platform in which other storage are computing power present. In this type of cloud computing this is not you who control all the things. In this all the things are controlling by cloud provider. As Gmail and Yahoo.
  3. Saas(software as a service )
    In saas you have only one software on remote server. Which is used for a definite work. This is mostly used for small business as Google Docs online a Google g Suite etc.

Advantage of cloud computing

  1. Large storage… in cloud computing you can increase storage according to you.
  2. Easy to access data there is a biggest advantage of storing data on cloud is that you can access your data from any device from anywhere by using internet connection.
  3. large processing power you can buy processing power as you want. 4th less price in cloud computing you can buy storage space according to you and you have to take only for that.

Example of cloud computing ….
There are a lot of examples of cloud computing as

  1. YouTube…. YouTube is a famous video sharing platform for stop there are lots of video uploading on YouTube daily. And to store these lots of videos YouTube use Cloud Computing Technologies.
  2. Facebook…. this is a famous social media platform where there is millions of profiles and users full stop there is also a lot of data on FB. To keep these data fb also use Cloud Computing.
  3. Emails… email services provider companies as Gmail, Rediff ,Yahoo and storage space given companies as drop box ,Yandex ,media fire ,Mega all are using cloud computing.

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