What is credit cards?

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As you all know there is a lot of online facilities by which you can save your time and money also. All people are using this facilities and they are also think advance in these things . there is a lot of sites where you can only buy from your credit card .

so today I am going to tell you about credit card and its advantages and disadvantages.

I hope you all are knowing that the credit cards affect your bank account. I mean the money you use for shopping from credit cards will not cut from your account but you have to pay it after with interest. You can also shopping anytime and anywhere from your credit card .there is a lot of advantages of credit card and there is a lot of disadvantages of credit card also.

So let’s go and read about credit card . it is a plastic card which is issued by financial organisations. Credit card gives you facility to take credit from pre approved limited to pay your debts or during transactions. Your credit card get limit according to your scores and history. You can use credit card to pay users or for online transaction or shopping .

types of credit card in India…..
There is a lot of types of credit card in India. But I am going to tell you about only main types of credit cards …as first is
1.fuel credit card .

  1. second is reward credit card .
    3.third is travel credit card
    4.forth its shopping credit card .
    5.and last is secured credit card.

The transaction completed by credit card is a debt on you. Credit card is a cheap and simple way for shopping. For using credit card you get gift card, reward points and watches also. You can also use the EMI facility from you credit card. Normally people use credit card for shopping. It is a type of loan which you have to pay after paying your bills during shopping .


If you do shopping with credit card then you get reward points ,gift vouchers and cashback also.
You can use these rewards in your next shopping.
Your credit helps you to build score and histories.
If you pay these debts which you use from your credit card during shopping on time then your score and history will be good.
If your score and history will be good then it will be helpful for loan.
using this card you can buy things of extra amounted on low amount than your bank account.
You have not to pay bill every year for credit card.
You can take things on EMI with credit card .
EMI account will cut from your credit card automatically.


If you payment out of limited time then bank will take other charges from you.
If you pay bills out of limited time then bank will charge on you according to extra time .
there is a lot of hidden charges in credit cards .
Bank keep all the records which was related to your country only.
It does not keep record of other countries during shopping and other transactions.

So as you all know that all the coins have head and tail both like that credit card is helpful and harmful both for you. If you use it very carefully then you will not have to face problems.

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